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Welcome to my personal site/ blog. It's a little out of date at the moment, as I'm a bit busy running Altitude Solutions and XDream Ltd.

Latest Articles

Skydivers Exiting Plane

Skydiving Exit Separations

Disecting the maths and physics behind determining the safe delay between exiting skydivers depending on the wind conditions.

Angled Tabs

CSS3 Angled Tabs

In this article I will use the CSS3 transform property to create angled tabs (as used on this site).

Hot Air Balloon

100 Things to do before I die

My bucket list of things I wish to acomplish or experience in my lifetime. Suggestions welcome for the last 4!

About The Site

This website

This site is currently my playground for new web technologies- it is built using HTML5 and CSS3, which is not supported by all browsers.

When possible, I will endeavour to make the site accessible from a range of browsers, however if you are having trouble viewing the site, I would recommend upgrading to a more current browser such as Chrome (it's free and easy to use!)

For reference, the site should look similar to the image on the right